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Rapid Covid-19 Testing
for the entertainment industry


Richard Owers Ltd have partnered up with a private medical company called TAC Healthcare based in Aberdeen, to help try and get our industry back to work quicker.


TAC Healthcare Group

TAC are a stage two UKAS registered company and Richard Owers Ltd will be acting as the booking agent for testing of the entertainment industry.

Types of test

There is a range of tests available in the market place, each with its own advantages and disadvantages. It’s always best to chat about your production and run through best options available at the current time, it’s an ever changing as new products and rules are added every day.

Nasal Swab for COVID-19

Hopefully the below helps to explain what is currently available.


PCR Testing

Lab based PCR Testing Labortory Technician COVID-19
Lab based PCR Testing


PCR tests are 99% accurate and the gold standard of testing, used by NHS and is the UK Governments preferred fit to fly testing option.

PCR can detect Covid-19 earlier than Lateral flow testing.

Lab Based PCR tests are taken at a production site or with a postal home testing kit, then sent to the TAC Laboratory for testing, with a 12 – 24 hour return.

TAC also have the Vita PCR mobile testing machines, a technician and a nurse would test at your production site and results are available within 30 minutes, this machine returns 16 tests an hour.

Vita PCR mobile testing machine
Vita PCR mobile testing machine


Postal Letter
Postal PCR is available


Antigen testing

Nurse in Visor Mask

The LumiraDX is an antigen testing machine that is 98% Accurate and returns the result in 12 minutes.

Two Machines come with a nurse to your production site and each machine can return 4 tests per hour.

The LumiraDX can detect Covid-19 earlier than Lateral flow testing.

LumiraDX antigen testing machine
LumiraDX antigen testing machine


Lateral flow testing

Lateral Flow testing machine for COVID-19
Lateral Flow Testing Cassette


Lateral flow testing is also an antigen test and is 50% – 75% accurate. These return the result in 10 - 15 minutes.

These tests are the cheapest test on the market, but its accuracy is much lower.

Sensitivity and accuracy are often mis-sold or misunderstood.

COVID-19 Test
Lateral Flow Testing


Triple Antibody tests

A test that tells you that you have had Covid-19, NOT that you have it.
These tests are completely the wrong test for a production site.

Triple Anti Bodie tests

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